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Low Light - No Problem!

"Shooting with high-speed cameras requires huge amounts of lights ". This is a widely accepted fact in the scene, but the Typhoon high-speed cameras are a solution to this problem! However, if there are lights needed, we provide them:

2 x DLH400D Dedolight 400 / 575W HMI , excellent flickerfree, cool, daylight:
•  Extraordinary clean beam with perfectly even distribution and no stray light
•  Focus mechanism with dual lens optics and focusing motion
•  Super flood - provided by a second moving lens that produce an enhanced flood angle

2 x Florescent 350W flood lights, flicker-free, daylight, cool
•  Electronic high frequency ballasts ensure flicker-free illumination, with dimmer

1 x High performance Xenon-light source, 200 W, daylight
•  This light source is in connection with a liquid core light guide for endoscopy, an excellent tool for macro high-speed shots.

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