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UvaVisHD5 - Underwater Digital High-Speed Camera -  [YouTube]

ScienceMedia (Dr. Rudolf Diesel) constructed the UvaVisHD5, a new underwater housing for the TyphoonHD5. This is a follow-up model of the UwaVis for the TyphoonHD4 with a much improved performance. The UvaVisHD5 housing is small and compact, weights fully loaded only 12kg / 27 lbs out of water [see details].

This is your best choice to capture ultra-high-speed action underwater. This system is superior in performance and has an ultra-high light sensitivity - which is a must for underwater slow motion shooting. It is designed to work as hand-held-unit during diving and works as well as remote UW-camera over long distances.

All camera functions are available whether operated hand-held or remotely controlled over 30 meters. A remote lens control system allows adjustment of iris, zoom and focus and the camera functions can be controlled via a button field on the back of the underwater housing or remotely via cable (highspeed camera and lens settings, remote monitor).

The rental packet, including UvaVisHD5 underwater housing, the TyphoonHD5 and an experienced operator / underwater cameraman, is available for unbeatable rental rates.