UwaVisHD5 << Underwater Slow Motion / ultra-high-speed camera system >>

The UvaVisHD5 & TyphoonHD5 is an extremely mobile, high-performance underwater ultra-high-speed camera system with the best performance vs. rental price rate.

This housing is small and compact, weights fully loaded only 12kg in air and is neutral underwater. It has a monitor with a magnified life picture on top of the body with a large hood - contrast, brightness of the monitor can be set underwater. All camera features can be operated by push buttons on the back of the housing, including reviewing the shot for evaluation while under water. The trigger and the buttons for setting iris, zoom and focus are on the handles.

The camera may be used with different lenses and dome ports. The wide angle lenses 14mm and 17mm are used with the 240mm wide-angle dome port, which provides an excellent picture. Camera settings include an automatic exposure (AE) function.

The UvaVisHD5 can be operated for 3 hours with one battery pack and contains a 250GB magazine, hence the number of shots taken during one dive is only limited by battery power.

Remote operation is possible over large distances and include:
- complete camera control via cable (hand pad and monitor) - no computer needed
- remote lens control for iris, zoom, focus via hand held unit
- remote DC power supply for long-term operation.