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UwaVis - Underwater Digital High-Speed Camera [see YouTube]

The TyphoonHD4 was the first digital highspeed camera with an underwater housing - allowing breathtaking slow motion pictures from underwater.

The housing was custom build by ScienceMedia (Dr. Rudolf Diesel) and can be operated like a standard underwater video camera housing. There is a monitor with a life picture on the back of the housing. All camera features are accessible by push buttons, including reviewing the shot for evaluation while under water. The trigger and the buttons for iris, zoom and focus settings are on the left and right handle. The camera is battery operated and up to four shots can be stored in the internal memory.

The camera may be used with different lenses and dome ports. The wide angle lenses 14mm and 17mm are used with the 240 mm wide angle dome port, which provides excellent pictures and delivers very interesting perspectives. Remote operation of the underwater housing & camera is also available.

The housing had its first engagement in Micronesia (Pohnpei) and in the Galapagos Islands , while shooting for the new BBC Series 'South Pacific'.

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